About Blue Notes

What, you wonder, is Blue Notes about?  Well, I hope to write here on synchronicity.  It has been talked about thus:

“Amazing coincidences happen all the time — but are they simply the product of random chance, or do they convey some hidden meaning? The answer may depend on whether you believe in synchronicity.  The term synchronicity was coined by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung (1875-1961).  Jung had a strong belief in a wide variety of paranormal phenomenon, including psychic powers, astrology, alchemy, predictive dreams, UFOs and telekinesis (moving objects with the mind). He was also obsessed with numerology — the belief that certain numbers have special cosmic significance, and can predict important life events.  Jung’s concept of synchronicity is complicated and poorly defined, but can be boiled down to describing meaningful coincidences.”  (More)

In my own life, I most often encounter these meaningful coincidences in my daily life as I surf the worldwide web.  I will read about something in the alternative media that uncannily reflects events in my own life.  My own state of mind is often too busy with the tasks of teaching to think much about it — except when I am dreaming at night.  I habitually wake several times a night and seem to have an ongoing discussion with myself through the snippets of dreams I remember.  I have long had the goal of working at lucid dreaming.  I never seem to find the time or will to work at it.  However, I don’t think I miss much — as a lot of what goes on in the world isn’t worth taking note of anyway.  My personal life shared with my students is more interesting.

So, I will try again — to both communicate with myself through dreams and to share them with my students and you, if you are an interested reader of this blog.  It seems the only minds receptive enough to tune into me are the preschool students I share time with.  Most of the rest of my students are just like me — weighed down with too much meaningless work.  I try my best to change this — I have at least earned the right to teach ‘outside of the box’ and don’t use any textbooks.  That is amazing for Nepal.  It has only taken me twenty years to earn the trust of the people I work with.  A lot is left to do.

If any of this interests you — would you like to volunteer in Nepal?  If you are zany, too, and only live for children and the states of mind you can experience by re-entering the world of the childhood we have all lost through cultural programming, well, then, please help me.  My students are the only guides I trust at the moment — even if most of them are ‘monkey minds’ most of the time.  However, I have taught them about the ‘100th monkey effect’ and they got it!  If you, too, are interested,  I have posted about volunteering (Here).


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