NDE’s and Timelines

Many people have been shocked by the photo seen above.  It is such a moving image because it DOESN’T feature gruesome wounds that would make the viewer turn away.  Instead, the toddler could just be napping.  The photo has many messages that could be read into it.  Haven’t we all heard the expression, “a photo is worth a thousand words”.  Here are some words of my own and to reveal this tale may require more than a thousand words.  It is a story wrapped up in the past, the present and the future.  What is an NDE, or ‘Near Death Experience’ — I haven’t had one but I want to talk about this — and the idea of ‘timelines’ that may be related.  A ‘timeline’ is an alternative reality, basically, and we may all be experiencing them ‘all the time’ (pun intended).  The story begins a lot earlier in my own life — again, with synchronicity.  Bear with me, I hope to make some sense of it by the end of my telling.

The picture prompts a memory of what could have been a similar scene from my own past.  It was the late 1970’s and I had returned to the U.S.A. after spending three years in London.  I had befriended some neighbors in my home town.  They had a young son about the same age as Aylan, the Syrian boy pictured above.  We have all heard his story by now.  He didn’t survive his NDE.  My story is about survival — and the challenge to the human soul to develop the awareness to ‘cheat death’ by altering one’s own ‘timeline’, so to speak.  I have recently read on the internet about how this may be possible.  Wrapping one’s head around the concept that someone from the future is changing our world in the present to save his/her own life is enlightening.  People who notice these kinds of things have written about remembering details from the past they have experienced that are different from reported events online.  They are small changes that most people don’t notice.  Is someone ‘monkeying’ around with reality?  Is someone trying to make us all aware that the present moment is the only reality?  I think the answers to both questions are ‘yes’ and this posting will make a case for accepting that ‘100th monkey effect’ from the future as real.

I have drifted away from my story.  But, I have to give the context for what I am going to say.  Earlier this year, our school lost a toddler as well.  His death wasn’t due to drowning, but instead, resulted from the earthquake in April.  So, please forgive me if I seem to have a lot of ‘death’ on my mind.  Where was I in my tale?  Back in my hometown about 35 years ago I had gone on a picnic with friends and their young son, similarly aged to Aylan and named Shane.  We were playing on the lakeside at Lake Monticello in Virginia.  Suddenly, Shane who was wading in the lake waters, and had fallen under the water.  I heard a voice in my head that just said my name.  It was enough to focus my attention on Shane and pull him up out of the water after only a few seconds.  He was not due to have Aylan’s experience.  There were no helping hands for Aylan in the Mediterranean as there appears to be a shortage of them these days.  While in Thailand from 2006 to 2009 I made it my personal mission to help Burmese refugees then.  So, I have some experience under my belt that qualifies me to judge others who don’t want to help in the present.

55190347a5513While in Thailand, I participated in a worldwide meditation named the ‘Fire the Grid’ event.  It was inspired by a survival of NDE’s by a mother and her son.  Both drowned in the cold waters of a Canadian lake after a car accident.  Both were revived by rescuers and the mother, Shelley Yates, shared her experience.  She had been communicated to by ‘whatever it is that survives death’ and told how to save her own son.  He had spent much more time under the water and doctors were unable to revive him at the hospital.  The doctors informed her that the worst had happened.  The only thing keeping her son’s body in this world were the machines breathing for him and pumping his blood.  His bodily organs had begun to dissolve and were leaking from his body.  The doctors said it was time to remove his body from the ward and take it to the hospital morgue.  Shelly refused to do this, and instead, called friends and family for a long vigil at her son’s bedside.  Each visitor passed on their life energy to Shelly’s son, rebuilding his energy body as Shelly had been advised to do.  At last, their ‘soul’ treatment worked.  Shelly’s son awoke, recovered, and suffered no brain damage due to his traumatic experience as the doctors had also told her would happen.  There are more stories like this.  Search for them on the internet and you will be inspired and discover that people ‘cheat death’ all the time.  We just don’t hear enough about these stories.  The mass media prefers to focus on fear/death porn.  Think of the series of ‘Final Destination’ movies that captivate us — they are disgusting examples of fear/death porn.  The Aylan story almost borders on this kind of media titillation.

My ‘synchronicity’ with the Shelley Yates story comes from the fact that I met both a nurse and doctor from her community.  They were in Halifax, Nova Scotia where the event happened and had first-hand evidence that it was true.  As I opened my children’s shelter in Thailand, this couple were some of the first volunteers to visit us.  In an earlier tale, I mentioned the accident of one of our youth on a cycle.  This nurse from Halifax was present for that event and I was glad of her support when that boy was in the local hospital.  What are the odds of someone from that community where Shelley Yates had her NDE visiting me all the way — half a world away, actually, in Thailand — to confirm my belief in the ‘Fire the Grid’ meditation.  Of course, there are questions, lots of them.  If people are actually ‘cheating death’ all the time, what kind of reality are we all living in?

I would hypothesize that our experience of the universe is very much like that of an individual suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder.  Some of us are awake to what is happening, some of us are ‘sleep-walking’, and some of us are virtually zombies.  I showed my students a music video this past week in English class.  It was the song, Stand by Me, by Oasis.  The video shows the story of a motorbike crash but in 5 to 10 second clips that unveil the story line after jumbling it all together like a jigsaw puzzle.  I wanted my students to write the story.  While viewing the video, one’s assumptions about what is going on constantly change and the storyline must be revised to make sense of it all.  I think our present reality is very similar to this but on a much larger scale.  We are all experiencing our reality through awareness of other people all the time — thus, the multi-faceted view of reality we can have.  It is like a dream — and it is a strange one and just getting weirder all the time.  I just hope it doesn’t turn into a nightmare for too many people.


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