Child Sacrifice

This is a grisly title and the story it refers to is unfortunately true.  It is also an example of synchronicity.  My classroom where I teach six days a week has an ‘English and Computer’ Wall — the two subjects I teach.  The wall has topics listed to be studied and the last two weeks of this month prior to 2nd term exams focus on Child Safety and First Aid.  The wall has rules for safety at home, as a pedestrian and traveler, and at home with fire safety rules.  I hadn’t thought about the danger of kidnapping although it is not uncommon in Nepal.  Many poor families here accept money from criminals who ship off unwanted girls to the Indian brothels.  Back when I was a student in India — a good twenty years ago — part of my month-long orientation had included a visit to Bombay and a meeting with a brothel madam.  The phenomenon of missing children is also happening in Nepal.  I had visited an N.G.O. here, also as a student, that supported rescued children who had A.I.D.S. from their experiences in brothels.  The subject doesn’t stray from my mind much — I am happy that most of my students are from extended families and the network of emotional support for children in Kathmandu seems strong.  However, when I had returned to the U.S. with my Nepalese wife in 1998 we landed in New York City and were there for a week.  I remember I had almost been hired by a company that solicits funds to help find America’s thousands of missing children — remember those milk carton advertisements.


Anyway, I had downloaded a collection of useful videos from You Tube and had planned to show them to my students.  One of them was called the ABC’s of Child Safety and it focused on making children alert to the dangers of being kidnapped or abused by criminals.  My students took it in with a smile — I could tell most of them didn’t have much awareness of this kind of social reality.  That was reassuring.  However, at the same time I was planning my lessons for this topic, a local news story unfortunately popped up.  I focused on it and introduced my class to the topic through including the details in their English lesson.  The details are particularly unpleasant (Here).  I remember reading about Satanism in the U.S. and the problem of mind control and child abuse back home.  I hadn’t expected to read about such gruesomeness happening here.  I had just exposed my mind to the problem again, though, as I had been studying a report on this just the previous week.  It is a free ebook for download titled ‘Lifting the Veil’ and details some of the crimes of the American pathocracy that seems to rule the government roost from behind the scenes.  Traumatizing children through physical and mental abuse is used by the C.I.A., especially, to program obedient little human slaves.   I suppose I must admit that this particular mental affliction of the elite has spread its tentacles worldwide.  From a Reichian perspective it has been identified as the ‘Emotional Plague’ of mankind.  Others have described it as Ponerology and detail how global society has become ‘ponerized’ — it has been ongoing for thousands of years.  Is our entire global reality suffering a case of Multiple Personality Disorder, perhaps caused by some worldwide catastrophe that has traumatized the entire human species?  I tend to think this is a hypothesis worth reflecting upon.  More of this later, but for now, I just wanted to put this story in the Weird category and note the synchronicities involved in how it came to my attention.  It is not a story for entertainment but teaches an important lesson.  Anyone sharing life with children should take it to heart.


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