Welcome to Blue’s World

Welcome to the zany world of an expat teacher in Kathmandu, Nepal.  I live with the extended family of my students — no one else would put up with my antics.  In the boring world of a typical Nepalese school not much goes on but rote-learning.  Dress it up any way you want — schooling here perpetuates the lies and myths planted in the developing world by capitalism’s die-hard empire builders.  Of course, there have been many — Asia had its own Genghis Khan but his influence never spread to Nepal.  Here, it was the Anglo-Saxon model — it didn’t quite take hold enough to totally subjugate the Nepalese spirit.  With the recent new constitution finally approved by most of the government’s politicians, perhaps the country will finally become a Peace Zone as it once was when I first arrived here as a student.  Anyway, this blog endeavors to steer away from the topic of empire building.  I am an anarchist at heart — a peaceful one until threatened by those who would perpetuate the myth of government.  Here in the birthplace of the Buddha it is actually not that easy to find enlightened people.  I wish it were different but the country has been through a lot in the past twenty-five years.  The earthquake earlier this year didn’t help, either (Nepal EQ 2015).  I, too, have been through a lot in the past half of my life — most of it lived outside my own home.  I no longer consider it anything other than a police state so the less said about that the better.  If you are interested in my personal history, some of it is online.  (Asian Nomad)  Again, I welcome you to my world.


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